HIPAA Compliance


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Benefits of Attaining HIPAA Compliance

Not only does a covered entity benefit from attaining HIPAA Compliance requirements, but also those that they serve.  The new legislation has been brought into effect to ensure that the rights of those affected by the handling, transmission and disclosure of Protected Health Care Information (PHI) are not violated.  Another benefit of achieving HIPAA Compliance is that the new transaction code sets have the capability of handling larger file sizes when transmitting information electronically.  This will definitely help in improving the efficiency of the system as time is also saved as more can be done in a shorter period.

As HIPAACompliance mainly entails the electronic transmission of medical and health care information, implementation of the new standards will also assist greatly in raising the level of patient care.  This will come to fruition once the recipients of the transmitted information realize that more detailed and elaborate patient data is now readily available as and when needed and the data will be more consistent right across the board as the new regulations improve on consistency and standardization.

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