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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Resources to Help Covered Entities Achieve HIPAA Compliance

In the race to achieve HIPAA Compliance, the impact will definitely vary from one covered entity to another.  The need, thus, arises for resources to assist in this regard so as to make the transition less of a hassle especially for the smaller organization whose resources may not be as vast as the larger entities.  The Department of Health and Human Services continues to provide covered entities with channels of communication as well as other resources in the form of training sessions and documentation all in the name of fulfilling HIPAA Compliance requirements.

The resources provided by the concerned authorities aim to achieve a reasonable level of compliance and continued upgrades and improvements to affected operations.   The internet has played a major role in facilitating research and providing information that is relevant to this regard.  HIPAA Compliance and continued implementation will be a long term and ongoing process that will require continued review and discussion.  It is in this respect that the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Human Rights (OCR) has provided forums to assist those affected to reduce the number of complaints that may arise from HIPAA non-Compliance.

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